Even with the increased visibility of LGBTQ+ struggles and individuals, many public spaces remain inherently unsafe for Queer People of Color (QPOC). For many people who experience oppression at the intersection of race, gender, and sexuality, recent gains in legal rights do little to ensure that they are safe in the public sphere. The creation and maintenance of separate and private spaces for LGBTQ+ identified people is often a necessary tactic for survival. Chosen Family, highlights the story of 5 women identified people of color who create an intentional safe space in an attempt to foster community and build their 'Chosen Family'.
The story of a Filipino domestic worker who is a survivor of labor trafficking and domestic violence. Juana leaves the Philippines for a better life but has to overcome many challenges including having to fight for herself and finally for her community.
first of dance series. no choreography... just street. all freestyle! Cinematography, Direction and Dance- © Neha Gautam, 2013 (vimeo filter)